MythBuster Monday #17:  "New Year's Resolutions Don't Work"

MythBuster Monday #17: "New Year's Resolutions Don't Work"

Welcome to another episode of MythBuster Mondays!

Do you have New Year's Resolutions?

I take pride in our Oh!mino community. Because it's full of committed fitness enthusiasts like you.

However, there may be other areas where we're not so committed. And we're not alone.

It's estimated that less than 30% of people stick to their New Year's Resolutions past January.

Resolutions are broken so much that they've been downgraded to nothing more than a social fad. 

But I'm here to tell you that resolutions can still be life-changing...if you do them right.

Here are 3 tips to make 2021 your best year yet!

1. Make Your Goals Actionable and Measurable:

Your goals should start with a grand plan. Then you should break them down into daily actions.


Because life is like a chess or football game.

You want to take things step-by-step. Play-by-play. 

"Big wins" are actually the result of many good and small decisions.

The easiest way to do this is by breaking down your goals into measurable actions.


So instead of saying...

   "I want to make more money."

   You can say, "I'd like to make $100,000 this year."

   Which breaks down to about $9,000 a month.

   And $9,000 a month roughly translates to $300 a day. Now you can make it actionable.

 By working x hours a day. Or selling x products per day. Getting x clients per month, etc.


This makes it much easier to hold yourself accountable. (Or you can have someone else hold you accountable.)

Track your goals daily/weekly and cross them off when completed.

Small daily actions will add up to greatness!


 2. Check Your Motivations: 

Maybe this should have been step one. It's very important to know why you are pursuing a specific goal.

Your "why" will help you get up on those days that you just don't feel like going to work.

So, dedicate your time to things that you genuinely desire.

And don't be afraid to stop doing things that you no longer have interest in.

If you're ever starving for motivation, you can take time to search for it. 

When you want something bad enough, everything else takes care of itself.


3. Take it Easy:

Goals are important. Because they help with our development as human beings. But...

they don't define us.

So, don't fixate on the goal so much that you ignore the journey.

And don't pressure yourself too much.

Sometimes life happens, and you'll have to shelve some things.

Remember to have fun and enjoy each moment.

Because ultimately, that's all we've got.

Just do your best!


Anyway, here comes your regularly scheduled sales pitch...

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Stay fit my friend!


Founder & CEO



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