Monday MythBuster #5 - It's Bad To Workout Everyday

Monday MythBuster #5 - It's Bad To Workout Everyday

Monday MythBuster #5

It's bad to workout every day??

This one's a bad myth. 

For some reason it has become popular. But there's not really any evidence to back this up.

In fact the human body is made  to move.

So our pre workout supplement program will help you boast your energy before each workout giving you motivation to stay energetic throughout your workout

It's not only made to move, but movement is essential to our survival.  I wish the problem with our society was too much exercise. According to the WHO, 3.2 million deaths a year are attributed to inactivity. 

As long as you're getting 8 hours of sleep and not doing insane workouts, you should be okay. Also, don't workout the same muscle group too much (or back to back). And listen to your body. Oh!mino’s aminos and electrolytes will improve your energy, stamina and will give you a boast throughout your day

Lastly, discuss your fitness plans with your doctor during your regular check ups.

It's also important to make sure that you get proper hydration. AND a good recovery formula. Oh!mino supercharges your body's ability to recover through our patented essential amino acid complex that's optimized for muscle growth and hydration. 

This way you can enjoy your workout and improve your health every day you choose to. 

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