September's Edition of "Final Friday Favorites"

Good Day!
Welcome to September's edition of "Final Friday Favorites."
On the final Friday of each month, we will unveil our five favorite social posts, interactions, recipes, memes, get it!
Hats off to our social team,  email team and everyday folk like you that participated in October's posts.
So here are the "Final Friday's Five Favorites"
5. I call this one "Female Tough"
What I like about this one is that it beats the myth that weight lifting for ladies will make them look like "Arnold." Nothing is further than the truth! Muscle tone, definition and size does not take away from femininity! I also love that she is wearing red (my powder color!).
4. The boomerang of Oh!mino Capsules. This one comes from use Caitlyn! I love to see all of your posts people. Keep engaging!
3. Will you be working out today? The answer is so obvious. I love this because posts that take us back the basics rock!
2. Caught taking a selfie. Awkward....This just made me laugh when the every day fit man catches "Arnold" flexing in a selfie. The judgmental look on his face....and the look on "Arnold." Priceless.
1. Meet Noel. Noel is one of our power uses and a great dude! He loves Oh!mino, and even loves sharing it to his friends and workout buddies. And Joel wearing a Captain American tank is so cool. Thank Joel....and by the way, Joel is on a roll....he is sending posts almost weekly (hint...hint...hint...).
It's hard to believe that today is our final Friday in September. In some ways time is standing still, like we are stuck in March....but in may ways it still seems to me moving quickly.
Stay Fit My Friends!
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