Muscle Growth Secret of Professional Bodybuilders...It's Not What You Think!

Muscle Growth Secret of Professional Bodybuilders...It's Not What You Think!

Hard workouts are not enough to build muscle.

If you want to maximum results, you need to dial in your diet and sleep as well.

And while the importance of diet is well-known, sleep doesn’t get enough attention.

But even when it does, bodybuilders only scratch the surface.

You see, it’s common knowledge that you need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.

If you’re trying to build muscle, 8 or more is ideal.

That being said, nighttime rest isn’t the only way to get muscle-building benefits of sleep.

In fact, you can achieve the same results if you take naps during the day.

What kind of naps?

Well, it depends – you can take shorter naps before the workout to boost your energy and focus…

Or you can take longer naps after the workout to boost recovery.

Shorter naps can last up to 20 minutes... just enough to increase alertness and motor performance.

This kind of nap will help you max out your workout more easily!

On the other hand, longer naps can last up to 90 minutes, but the recommended duration is usually up to 50 minutes.


Simply because naps longer than 50 minutes usually can make you feel groggy which isn’t ideal.

Plus, they can mess up your nighttime sleep.

However, if you hit that sweet spot between 30 and 45 minutes, you’re going to gain amazing benefits for muscle growth.

Because here’s the thing – when you sleep, your body secretes the growth hormone, which is responsible for muscle tissue repair. 

additionally, when you sleep, your brain activity and blood pressure drop. 

This means that more blood supply is available for muscles.

With more blood supply, your muscles are getting more oxygen and nutrients, which also facilitates muscle tissue repair and growth.

This is why sleep is crucial for muscle growth!

If you are unable to sleep 8 or more hours each night, you can always take a nap during the day.

Again, short naps will give you an energy boost before the workout and longer naps taken immediately after workouts will repair muscle tissue.

Stay fit my friend,

Founder & CEO


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