Eliminate back pain with these 2 simple stretches

Eliminate back pain with these 2 simple stretches

Back pain can be really nasty.

It’s one of the largest causes of work absence, causing over 12 million lost days every year.

Apart from that, if you’re into weight lifting, it can limit your performance.

No matter what exercise you perform, you should keep your back straight and engaged.

This means any workout can be painful if you have back pain.

If not taken care of, your back pain can become chronic (especially as you get older), meaning it’s better to take care of it while you’re still active.

You see, back pain is easily treatable in the beginning.


Because back pain is often caused by tight muscles.

This means that a simple stretching routine can provide a huge relief.

I’m going to show you a simple routine you can do every day.

Neither of these two stretches should take more than 2 minutes.

You’re going to feel great afterward – pain and tightness will be gone, at least temporarily…

And if you keep doing this consistently, they might be gone forever.

So let’s take a look at this simple stretching routine that will wipe the back pain away.

Dead hangs 

Dead hangs stretch your back muscles, as well as strengthen them.

They are also a beginner bodyweight workout.

Having strong back muscles will prevent injuries.

That’s why dead hangs are an important exercise to treat and prevent back pain.

Plus, by doing these, you’re going to decompress the spine.

This means your posture is going to improve and you might even gain a half inch in height.

The best part?

Dead hangs are incredibly simple.

Grab the bar like you’re getting ready for a pull up and hang in that position for 15-30 seconds.

Back bridging

Back bridges are also known as hip raises and glute bridges.

Just like dead hangs, they’re easy to perform, and they don’t require any equipment.

They also aid in preventing injury.

You see, when doing back bridges, your core and glutes are engaged, meaning they'll become stronger over time, offering your back better support.

Here’s how to perform them:

1. Tighten the abs and glutes

2. Raise the hips

3. Squeeze the core

4. Hold for 15-30 seconds


These two exercises are so simple that you might dismiss them.

But trust me, after a couple of days you’re going to feel a huge relief from your back pain!

And the longer you do them, the stronger you’ll become…

So you won’t have to skip workouts or avoid certain activities because of back pain ever again!

Stay fit my friend,

Founder & CEO


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