Myth Buster Monday #8: "Eat Post-Workout or You'll Lose Your Gains?"

Myth Buster Monday #8: "Eat Post-Workout or You'll Lose Your Gains?"

If you're a big fan of intermittent fasting, then you'll love this.

A lot of fitness "gurus" claim that consuming protein 30 minutes after your workout boosts muscle growth and prevents atrophy.

This brief period of time is called the anabolic window.

And if you miss this window, then your gains will suffer.

Well, this isn't necessarily the truth. 

Protein is important.

However, studies from the International Society of Sports Nutrition say that when you ingest protein, it doesn't make much of a difference. If any.

So basically, there's no need to force feed yourself after a workout.

(Especially if you're still burping up today's lunch.)


muscle atrophy IS still a problem. 

Well, it was a problem. Before Oh!mino.

Oh!mino has been ahead of the mainstream fitness culture when it comes to muscle loss. 

 As you may know, our proven workout blend was inspired from NASA's sponsored studies. Studies designed to combat muscle loss... in space!

The test subjects retained (and sometimes even built) muscle while staying in bed for 30 days - 24 hrs. a day.

Imagine what you could do while working out!

Our formula isn't just for performance, it is a pre workout supplement that helps with electrolyte stamina and is the ideal muscle recovery supplement for men and women.

It's a post-workout that:

  • Reduces Muscle Loss
  • Boosts Recovery 
  • Replenishes Electrolytes
  • Reduces Stiffness
  • And is a great energy powder

and much, much more!

With Oh!mino there are no clever tricks.

Just take two scoops before your workout and experience the immediate results.

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