November Final Friday Favorites 2020

November Final Friday Favorites 2020
Good Day!
Welcome to November's edition of "Final Friday Favorites."
On the final Friday of each month, we unveil our five favorite social posts, interactions, recipes, memes, get it!
Hats off to our social team,  email team and everyday folk like you that participated in November's posts.
Hard to believe that it is already Final Friday in November. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and has an active long weekend! Go tennis...get your road bike out. Don't be like the majority and relax! Stay active!
So here are the "Final Friday's Five Favorites"
5. Rule #1
Being part of the fitness culture, we are committed to fitness. And the only way to stay committed is to engage....and it starts every Monday! So after this long weekend of Turkey 7 stuffing overload, don't forget to set that alarm extra early and give me everything you've got!
4. New Oh!mino Fitness Picture
This new photo comes from Rebecca.. She is an Oh!mino user who also happens to be an up and coming photographer. You know you are doing something right when you get free photography. Thank You Rebecca!
3. I call this one "Damn Girl"
First - I love black and white photography. That's one of our key marketing elements but with a red splash. Second - a body like this takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice! The abs on this lady are so impressive. Does it help motivate you? 
2. Did You Know
You all know that I am a science geek. But guess what/ So are you! This was our most engaging post! And by a land slide. Oh!mino users love science and love fitness. And while this is the number 1 post based on "numbers", the next one is even bigger!
1. have you met Heath?
Meet Heath. I call Heath a power user. So here are his impressive numbers. He started Oh!mino in mid-October. He want to gain muscle and bulk. He went from 178 pounds to 191 pounds....AND ALL MUSCLE! 
That's 11 pounds of muscle in less than 6 weeks! So this by far is my favorite post!
I almost combined the other top 4:
- Great numbers like #2
- Dedication like #3
- From an Oh!mino user like #4
- And do you think Heath abides by rule #1....I think it is obvious!
Thanks for a great month. I truly am grateful and thankful for all you! Oh!mino continues to grow, changing the conversation about performance supplements.
Stay fit my friend!
CEO & Founder