Monday Myth Buster 13

Monday Myth Buster 13

Welcome to another episode of MythBuster Mondays!

Today's MythBuster was inspired by a great question from Oh!mino friend, Jose. Here's what Jose had to say:

"Does this product give you the jitters and hot tingling all over? I don't like that feeling!!!"

Great question Jose, glad you asked.

We've all had THAT experience.

When we take a  pre-workout that makes us itchy, red, and jittery. It feels as if we've been turned into human TV static! But is this normal? And more importantly... Is this even necessary?

The answer is NO.

The flushed face, tingling sensations, and itchy skin are caused by one of two things.

Two ingredients found in conventional "workout supplements".

They are:

1. Niacin:

Niacin is a form of Vitamin B that boosts blood flow.

However it can possibly cause a Niacin Flush.

Niacin Flushes are usually harmless. However it makes your skin red. And causes itching & burning sensations.

Oh!mino does NOT contain Niacin 


2. Beta-Alanine:

Beta-alanine is a popular beta amino acid. It's used for building muscle in younger adults.

However, a side effect of beta-alanine is Paresthesia. Parasthesia is a pricking, burning, tingling sensation with no obvious physical cause.

It can potentially last an entire workout.


Oh!mino does NOT contain beta-alanine.

Oh!mino is made to be the simplest and most effective workout formula on the market.

Our proven formula:

  • Builds 11x more Muscle than whey protein
  • Grows muscle 20x better than BCAAs
  • Relieves Post-workout stiffness
  • Protects Joints
  • Guards against inflammation
  • Boosts endurance


With ZERO discomfort. And it's all-natural too!

The only things you'll feel on Oh!mino are...

More energy...

More Power...

And the confidence to take on the world!





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