So You Want More Protein. Do You Know Why?

So You Want More Protein. Do You Know Why?

Protein, protein, protein. What is all the fuss about? So many want to supplement their lives with protein...sometimes whey, sometimes soy, and other times the vegan source d'jour. 

Here are the simple truths.

1. The reason protein is so special, is because protein is made of amino might have heard the term "amino acids are the building blocks of protein." This is true! These amino acids are what is critical in maintaining and building muscle. 

2. Not all protein sources are the same. Some would say protein is protein, but this is not the case. The ratios of amino acids found in steak are different that found in chicken. For supplemental forms of protein, the amino acid ratios found in whey are extremely different than those found in the vegan sources

3. Whey protein is far superior in muscle maintenance, development, and building strength that any other source of supplemental protein. Again, others will tell you different, but there are loads of peer reviewed studies that show whey is superior for muscle.

4. For food sources, protein is king. Now I am not suggesting to only eat protein....but if you want to be the best you, make sure that you are at least obtaining 50% of your calories from protein. For some, again not all, going keto can make huge impacts in your life. This point, can be written in multiple keep coming back as we will dive further into this.

5. Imagine if science can develop an essential amino acid complex that is even more effective than whey. Well, you don't have to has done it!

....Well, Oh!mino is here and it will redefine everything! To wet your appetite, on a gram-by-gram basis, Oh!mino is 11 times more effective than protein in promoting muscle synthesis in your body. 

Go to our website and click around for yourself! Then give Oh!mino a try!


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