The Link Between Protein & Amino Acids

The Link Between Protein & Amino Acids

We all know that protein is a key nutrient for the human body…and some would even say that PROTEIN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF THE DIET, or at least it should be!

Protein is critical for maintaining fitness:

  • Helps in Burning Calories: The body uses calories or energy to break down food. Your body then absorbs the nutrients which also leads to boosting your metabolism. When your body processes carbs, only 5% to 15% calories are burned during the digestion process. However with protein, nearly 20% to 30% of the calories are burned. This extra calorie burn is needed to help break down the amino acids that are held together with peptide bonds. The whole digestion process of protein requires more energy in order to retrieve nutrients.
  • Assists in Growth and Repair of the Muscles: Protein is often consumed after rigorous workout sessions, as it scientifically proven to help in repairing muscles. The intake of protein has also been shown to increase the impact of workouts.
  • Supports Appetite Control: The inclusion of protein in the diet has been shown to suppress the appetite and prolongs the sense of fullness in the human body.
  • The most important aspect of protein is that it is primarily made of amino acids. These amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein and are what feeds muscles and other tissues. They serve as a vital supply of fuel for the body.

Managing Intake for Maintaining Fitness

There are many performance supplements available in the market for people who perform rigorous strength exercises. Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator is one of the latest innovations that is coming to market in the Summer of 2018. Oh!mino is a patented amino acid complex with added co-factors and features a full spectrum of electrolytes.

It stimulates 11 times more muscle synthesis in the body than whey protein. Oh!mino also increases endurance and the balances electrolytes keep you hydrated. Additionally it is a non-GMO, vegan- friendly and non-dairy product.

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