Tom Brady Does It Again. How?

Tom Brady Does It Again. How?

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Last week I wrote about Tom Brady. And how he went from good to great. And now after his NFC championship win, I'm inspired to talk about him again.

I mean can you blame me?

The guy continues to impress (Sorry Packers fans, those still angry with deflate-gate, and all the other haters )

As a fellow athlete, I can't help but pay my respects to him. 

Anyway people forget that Tom Brady stayed a top quarterback... at 43 years old!

Do you know how he did?

He did it by always keeping longevity in mind. 

And that's the point of this email. I'm here to remind you to do the same!

"The years reveal what the days never know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A lot of QB's came into the league with Brady.

Most were even picked ahead of him. But where are they now? Forgotten! 


Even a legend like Drew Brees proved no match for Father Time. Despite being the same age as Brady.

Tom on the other hand, remembered the future. With every game and training session.

This is the same mindset I used when I created Oh!mino.

As a 56-year-old: husband, father, husband, business owner, and diabetic I'm all about longevity. I have to be!

I want to be here for my family and community for a very long time. And I want to be at my very best the whole time. 

Throughout my +30 years in the fitness industry...

I've seen countless people sacrifice their long-term health in order to achieve the body of their dreams.

Even today, people still ingest things such as:

  • Artificial food coloring
  • High cholesterol
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Excessive sugar

... And ingredients that annoy their nervous system and cause pre-workout jitters.

I wish many of our fitness friends knew that there's no need to sacrifice today for tomorrow.

You can have both! Thanks to Oh!mino.

This formula is used by NFL, NBA, and D1 athletes as well as casual gym goers.

This proven formula:

  • Create 11x more muscle than whey protein and 20x more than BCAAs
  • Drastically Reduce Muscle Loss
  • Increase Muscle Hydration for Endurance
  • Relieves Post-Workout Stiffness
  • Protect joints from inflammation


...With NO weird side effects....unless you consider massive gains a side effect!

And nothing that hurts your health over time.

Oh!mino works immediately after the first use.

However it's real magic will be the fitness boost it gives you over the long-term.

Are you ready to feel like a champion today and tomorrow?




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