Monday MythBuster #18 - Supplements don't work

Monday MythBuster #18 - Supplements don't work

Welcome to another episode of MythBuster Mondays!

A lot of casual "nutritionists" claim that supplements don't "work". 

Now if you're reading this, I'm sure you believe in the power of supplements.


And you're smart. Because they do work.

But, there are plenty of good reasons to NOT trust most supplements.

1. You Can Get the Benefits From Food

Getting nutrients through food is always the best. 

And a lot of pills should be replaced for more protein or vegetables. 

However, we can't always do that. For one reason or the other. So supplements still have a place.

Eat more nutritious foods, then supplement the rest.

This does wonders for your performance.


2. Supplements Don't Always Absorb Well

Most supplements should be taken with food.

Otherwise, they upset your stomach. And they don't absorb well. 

But some formulas like Oh!mino give you the benefits any time. With or without food.


3. Supplements aren't FDA Regulated:

This myth makes me angry! I have been in the supplement industry since 1993. AND THE FDA DOES REGULATE SUPPLEMENTS. PERIOD.

What the FDA doesn't do is approve supplements with ingredients that are already in the "proven zone." For new dietary ingredients, there is an FDA approval process.

So let's put that to bed!


And while the FDA does regulate supplements, there are still supplement companies that cheat and haven't been caught.

So It can be hard to find a supplement that's healthy and takes your physique and daily performance to a brand new level.  One that actually gets you results that would be difficult to get on your own.

However, once you DO find the right supplements, they'll change your life for the better.

Take Oh!mino for example.

Now we don't like referring to Oh!mino as a "supplement" because it's much more than that. We call it the next generation in performance supplements.


Because It's a uniquely designed muscle synthesis activator. So unique OH!MINO IS PATENTED

A transformative formula better than anything on the market.

Oh!mino is one of the few formulas containing all 9 essential amino acids....AND in the proper ratio backed by clinical studies.


It's scientifically proven to take anyone at any age to their highest level of fitness.

It does this by:  

  • Boosting Workout Performance
  • Speeding Up Post-Workout Recovery
  • Increasing Muscle Hydration
  • Enhancing Post-workout Hydration
  • Relieving Post-Workout Stiffness
  • Growing 11x more muscles than whey protein and 20x more than traditional BCAAs


Oh!mino also kicks in within minutes after you take it. 

So you don't have to wonder if it's working or not.

Pick up some bottles today!



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