Top Exercises For Biceps

Top Exercises For Biceps

Let’s face it – huge upper arms are what everyone will notice first.

If you’ve been lifting for a couple of years, but your upper arms are not that big, you’re probably looking for ways to add a couple of inches in size.

That’s why I’ve prepared two articles about building bigger upper arms.

The first article is about building bigger biceps, and the other one is about triceps.

Even though there are dozens of lifts that build bigger biceps, there are three that are more effective than the rest.

So, here are the three best options for muscle growth.

1. Hammer curls

Hammer curls are very similar to the most common biceps exercise – bicep curls.

The only difference is the position of the dumbbell in your hand.

Instead of holding the dumbbell horizontally, you should turn it around by 90 degrees and hold it vertically relative to the ground.

Now, you might think: what’s the difference? A curl is a curl, after all.

But here’s the thing… While the regular bicep curls will target the peak of your biceps, the hammer curls will make your whole biceps thicker.

Plus, they will also improve the overall strength of your arm and forearm.

This will have the additional benefit of helping you perform different compound movements such as pull-ups.

2. Incline dumbbell curls

Incline dumbbell curls are another variation of regular curls.

Here you’ll need an incline bench set up at around 45 degrees that will enable a wider range of motion compared to regular curls.

You’ll start by sitting on an incline bench with your arms laying on each side.

Keep your elbows as close to the torso as possible while rotating your arms until they are facing forward.

Now, keep your upper arms stationary while bringing the dumbbells up near the shoulder level.

Make sure you’re only moving your forearm.

When your biceps are fully contracted at the top, keep that position for a second and then slowly bring the dumbbells to the starting position while you breathe in.

3. Cable curls

Cable curls are great because they keep your muscle under constant tension.

And it’s a well-known fact that time under tension is a big factor in muscle growth.

In a nutshell, more time under tension equals more muscle growth.

To get this lift right, you first need to lower the cable on the cable machine near the bottom.

Grab the metal grip and stand upright with your knees slightly bent.

Then slowly curl the cable with your forearms toward your chest while breathing out.

When you’re at the top, hold for a second.

Then start lowering the forearms while you breathe in and stop before the weights return to the stack so that your muscles stay under tension the whole time.


If you do these biceps movements at least once a week, I guarantee you’re going to see a dramatic difference in your upper hand size.

But don’t forget to train your triceps as well.

After all, it’s the biggest muscles group of your upper arm so it’s crucial to train both biceps AND triceps to get superhero-like upper arms.

In the next article, I’m going to show you exactly how to get bigger triceps.

So stay tuned for our email next week.

Stay fit my friend,


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