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Workout Mindset Hacks

When you first step into the gym, you’re motivated as hell.

Everything is new and unfamiliar and you’re excited about all the exercises you’re going to learn, the gains you’re going to get, and maybe about the people you’re going to meet.

But this excitement doesn’t last for too long.

After a couple of weeks, your visits to the gym become a part of your routine and you might even feel they’re becoming a chore…

Or just another task you need to tick off from your checklist.

That’s why I believe proper nutrition, a solid training plan, and quality sleep are NOT enough to get the results you want in the gym.

Sure, you need all those things to build muscle and get stronger.

But if you really want to play this game for a long time and become the best version of yourself, you need something else as well.

You need a strong mindset to push you forward when times get tough.

Now, I know that a “strong mindset” isn’t specific enough…

So I’ve distilled what that means into three simple tips you should always keep in mind when you step into the gym.

If all the other factors – diet, training, and sleep – are kept in check, this final piece of the puzzle will give you the boost you need to break your personal records and see your dreams come true.

So here are my top three tips that will make you a BEAST in the gym.

1. Be aggressive

Imagine that every set and every rep is a matter of life and death.

(This isn’t a huge exaggeration. Strength can literally save your life.)

How would you train in a situation like that?

Ask yourself this question before every workout session and then ATTACK those weights with the utmost power.

2. No sulking

On some days, you won’t feel your best and your performance might suffer because of that.

So what? 

You should NEVER let the negative thoughts consume you and lower your performance even further.

Accept that some workouts won’t go as planned.

And instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get ready to crush it the next time you hit the gym.

3. Stay positive

As I said in the introduction, you won’t feel excited about working out after you get used to it.

But nevertheless, you should stay enthusiastic all the time.

You must feel that every workout will be better than the last one and that you can achieve your goals.

People who think this way usually get “hooked” on training. (Personally I get salty when I can't get a workout in).

So they eventually spend decades hitting the gym which in turn helps them stay healthy in their old age.

And I believe that’s the greatest benefit you can get from any form of workout.

Don’t get me wrong – gains are great, but with the right mindset, you can get much more.

Including the strong body and sharp mind that will carry you throughout your whole life.

Stay fit my friend,

Founder & CEO

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