What’s the best rep range for natural lifters

What’s the best rep range for natural lifters

Why more reps won’t bring you more gains (if you’re natural)

When I first started lifting, the biggest question I had was this…

"What’s the best rep range for natural lifters that want bigger muscle and more strength?"

I’m going to reveal the answer I found in a second…

But before that, let me give you some context around it so you understand how I came to that conclusion.

You see, much of the advice being thrown around is plain wrong.

Many of the natural lifters are following the example of chemically enhanced lifters and doing 15-20 (or even more) reps per set.

Their logic is quite simple, but I’ll show you why it’s mistaken.

They think that the higher total volume per session is always better for their gains…

Because chemically enhanced lifters are getting great results with that approach.

But those who follow that approach are not taking recovery into account.

Lifters on steroids can get away with higher volumes… but natural lifters don’t have that luxury.

If you want to get bulging muscles and avoid injuries as a natural lifter, you need to make enough room for recovery in your workout routine.

You shouldn’t be overtraining under any circumstance.

This means – keep the total number of reps per muscle group between 30 and 50 in each workout session.

And, when it comes to individual sets, the best range is between 6 and 8 reps with a heavy load.

This is ideal to trigger myofibrillar hypertrophy (muscle tissue growth)

Another benefit is you don’t risk injuries because of overtraining.

Besides recovery and training in the optimal rep range, there’s something else you need if you want to get maximum gains in muscle size and strength.

In order to build muscle, you need “building material” for muscle synthesis.

In other words, you need essential amino acids (EAAs).

Oh!mino Muscle Synthesis Activator provides your body with a patented complex of 9 EAAs, along with adaptogens and electrolytes...just when you need to activate muscle synthesis.

It’s 11x more effective than whey protein and it also speeds up recovery, reduces inflammation, and gives your muscles what they need!

I recommend you try it out and see for yourself (if you haven't already)!

Stay fit my friend,



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