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Advanced Muscle Synthesis Efficiency

20X more effective than standard BCAAs in activating lean muscle building.*

11X more effective at promoting protein synthesis than whey protein.*

Improves Performance and Increases Endurance

Speeds up more muscle recovery by 373%*

Patented Formula Supported By NASA Research

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Oh!mino® Muscle Synthesis Activator – With Caffeine

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"Oh!mino has helped me take my training to the next level. Naturally, when I first heard about Oh!mino, I was a little skeptical. I thought it was just another gimmick claiming to increase overall muscle mass and speed up recovery time. Boy was I wrong! Within the first week of taking Oh!mino I could feel a difference. By week 2, I could see and feel the impact Oh!mino was having on my daily routine."

John C.

"I’m a boxer and runner out of Boulder, CO. I’ve been working out and doing MMA for years, but the results I was getting out of my workouts completely changed when I switched from my normal protein and BCAA combo to OH!MINO. In just four weeks I'm feeling improvement! Glad I discovered this system."



"I absolutely love Oh!mino’s entire line of products. The fact that it is vegan and contains no artificial sweeteners or GMO’s is amazing. Plus it is zero calories, carbs or sugars. I am a vegetarian so it’s harder for me to build muscle, but this supplement helps me do just that... I’ve honestly noticed such a big difference since I began taking Oh!mino. I have a lot more energy and endurance during my workouts... I highly recommend to anyone wanting to seriously increase the quality of their workouts and get those desired results fast."


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