4 Tips For Your Summer Body in 2021

4 Tips For Your Summer Body in 2021

This blog was originally an email that I sent out early the week of May 10, 2021. The content was so well received I decided to post it as a blog as well. Enjoy!


Happy Monday!


Hope you took the advice from my last email and relaxed on Mother's Day.


Now it's Monday. And we're back to the old grind.


It's time to make our dreams a reality.


And a dream that a lot of people have (even if they don't admit it) is looking and feeling amazing in the summertime.


(I'm sure we've all dreamed of looking like the lifeguards from Baywatch)


But a summer body isn't just about looking good. You also want to feel good.


You want your body to effortlessly withstand long hikes with the family...


playing softball with friends...


and those epic swim sessions.


Summer is the time for activity and memories, so here are 5 tips to get you prepared:


1. Invest More Time Into Cardio:


Summer's a time of high activity, so it's important to be able to stay in the game.


Now is a great time to train your heart and lungs, so they don't feel stressed in the future.


Nothing's worse than quickly being out of breath. 


2. Get Flexible:


This is a part of fitness that's too often ignored.


You don't want to be sidelined because you caught a cramp or pulled a muscle playing sports.


Investing just 5-15 minutes a day in static stretching every night before bed will improve your flexibility over time.


And make you less prone to injury.


3. Stay Hydrated:


Hypothermia is no joke.


So remember to build a foundation of consistent (and quality) hydration.


Drinking water not only helps you when working out but supports all of your organs and bodily processes.


There are no downsides to getting enough water & electrolytes besides maybe the bathroom breaks.


Health professionals usually recommend about 1 oz. per pound of body weight.


4. Strengthen Those "Unimportant Muscles":


Now I don't have to remind you to work on your chest, biceps, and abs.


Those are the muscles that everyone loves to show off.


But there are muscles you should dedicate time to.


These include your glutes, neck, lower shoulders, and lower back.


These muscles aren't as flashy, but they're all important for peak performance.



Stay fit my friend,


Founder & CEO


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Summertime fast approaches.


So now's a good time to restock if you haven't already.  


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