What are Adaptogens?  And why are they in our formula?

What are Adaptogens? And why are they in our formula?

I'm sure you know that exercise and training stress your body out.


But do you know how adaptogens help with this "stress"?


Some background:


When you work out, your body goes into survival mode.

Now, there are 3 phases of this survival mode:


1. The Alertness Phase: This is when your body recognizes a "threat" and begins to release stress hormones such as cortisol.


2. Resistance Phase: In this phase, your body gives your muscles everything they need to fight the perceived threat.

In the gym, it's simply your body helping you lift heavy weights.


3. The Exhaustion Phase: This is where your muscles recover from the "fight or flight" event that just took place. Also known as rest periods.


Now back to adaptogens...


Adaptogens are specialized herbs that lengthen the time of the "resistance phase".

And also shorten the time of the "exhaustion/recovery" phase.

They work by optimizing the stress hormones in the body for maximum mental and physical performance.


The three adaptogens in Oh!mino are:

Astragalus: This herb reduces inflammation from over-exertion, supports a healthy immune system, and protects your heart. 


Panex Ginseng: Promotes energy production and enhances cognitive function.  


Rosa Roxburghii: This one is high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and has anti-viral properties that helps boost your energy. 


On top of that, Oh!mino contains ALL 9 EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) and a balanced group of electrolytes.


So you can perform your best in the gym without over-exerting yourself, and stressing out your joints.


Hope this shows you how adaptogens can help you in both your fitness...


AND your overall wellness journey. 

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