Final 2020 Favorites

Final 2020 Favorites

Good Day My Friends!
As many of you know, on the final Friday of each month, I send out my five favorite posts from our social media platforms. For December, we forgo the Final Friday (which was Christmas this year), and instead offer up a "Best of 2020."
This is no particular order. If we ranked them, it would have taken hours of team arguments, debate, discussions...and the way 2020 played out, I just don't have time for that!
So here are my personal favorite of 2020 posts* 


I call this one "Damn Girl"
First - I love black and white photography. That's one of our key marketing elements but with a red splash. Second - a body like this takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice! The abs on this lady are so impressive. Does it help motivate you? 
Have you met Heath?
Meet Heath. I call Heath a power user. So here are his impressive numbers. He started Oh!mino in mid-October. He want to gain muscle and bulk. He went from 178 pounds to 191 pounds....AND ALL MUSCLE! 
That's 11 pounds of muscle in less than 6 weeks! So this by far is my favorite post!


I call this one "Bulldog on Rings"

One of the easiest ways to get me excited is through dogs. I am always more excited to talk about your dog than anything! I'm even the geek who is a member of a Facebook page dedicated to Golden Doodles in California. So of course I am going to love a pouch in rings!

I go by Duff!

I love personal posts. Big thanks for the kind words. Also love the silliness of the hand stand! And Duff isn't his real name...just what his friends call him....and we are all friends here. Right?

Happy Halloween. 

This is one that know has seen yet. It will go out this month, and since I make the rules, I am running with it. Thank Noel for the submission. ....and by the way, Noel is on a roll....he is sending posts almost weekly (hint...hint...hint...). How did he ever talk this women into promoting us!
Meet Noel. 
Noel is one of our power uses and a great dude! He loves Oh!mino, and even loves sharing it to his friends and workout buddies. And Joel wearing a Captain American tank is so cool. Thank Joel....and by the way, Joel is on a roll....he is sending posts almost weekly (hint...hint...hint...).

What is not to love when you feature SNL Alumni Will Ferrell! While I am not stating that The Anchorman is fine cinema, it is is LOL funny. So why not use that as a fun reminder to "Flex on Friday"



Made In The Kitchen

I love this photo! Great visual that get's your attention, and the message is spot on. If you want a 6-pack, no ab workout will get you there alone. You need to get down to sing digit fat percentage....and that requires help in the kitchen! What makes me laugh about this one is while it is a great photo of athletic skill, it is wich there is a disconnect (dough and abs aren't a good match)....but that is what makes me laugh so much with this one.


Sheet Pan Chicken

This one got tons of likes and responses. We find that recipes do well with you! And sheet pan is the easiest kitchen hack to perform. If you want this recipe, just me at


How Muscle Grows

You know I am a science geek! Right? I also recognize that many of you are too! So I had to throw some science into the mix


Last Thoughts

As we close 2020, we all recognize this is not the year we all planned. But I must say that I am thankful and having nothing but the highest respect for you! The fact that we have so many repeat customers who still find a way to keep working out even when gyms are closed. You know who you are...and we see you.


I have coined the term "The Fitness Culture"....and I find that most of our users are in this community. We are committed. We work out. Period!


I think we all are looking for new things in 2021, and I am certain that we achiev great things in 2021.



Founder & CEO

* One of my favorites is from Daniel - but it's in a format that I couldn't figure out how to post. Next year for sure we also include snap, tik-tok, and others.


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