October 2, 2020

Today, I want to tell you how I developed Oh!mino after a NASA-sponsored study blew my mind.

As a teenager in high school, astronauts couldn’t have
been further from my thoughts.

I was your typical athlete who
discovered his passion for fitness from playing football,
tennis, and track.

This experience laid the foundation
for a career in supplements…I just didn’t know it at the time!

Anyway fast forward to college, I got my degree and a job writing ads in the corporate world.

This is where I got into scientific
studies and data.

It was a fun gig, but when I had the opportunity to join one of my customers in the health food field, I jum

That experience propelled me into the
ever-exciting supplement industry.

Then In 2008, I took a big step and started my own company...


At Oh!nutriton, I've helped to create some of the most innovative supplements.

However, none of the formulas "WOW!ed" me.

That is, until 2018.

 This is when I first read that NASA-sponsored study.

See  NASA had a problem:

Their astronauts were losing too much muscle mass in space.

They’d get back from trips and have to go straight into rehab to fight the atrophy.

So NASA gathered the world’s leading authorities on amino-acids (the building blocks that make up proteins), and they started searching for a solution.

They gathered a group of people similar to their astronauts and put them on bed rest to simulate the effects of zero gravity.

These people stayed in bed for the whole study.

The only time they could move was to lift a TV remote and scroll through the internet.

(Sounds awful, right?)

By the end, the placebo group all had
muscle atrophy.

Incredibly, the group taking the amino acids didn’t!

Some of them actually gained muscle while doing

When NASA did a second study, they found those results were even more pronounced for people over 35.

This absolutely blew me away.

Back then, the conversation around fitness supplements was all about BCAAs and whey protein.

But here was a study showing that this specific formulation of essential amino acids — all nine of them, not just the three in BCAAs — stimulated 11 times more muscle protein synthesis than whey and 20 times more than BCAAs!

And all without sugar or calories. For people who weren’t even exercising!

Imagine using this formula while you are exercising. 

It would be powerful!!

That's when the idea hit me to start Oh!mino.

I had to bring this cutting-edge formula to fitness enthusiasts like you. Otherwise I'd regret it forever. 


I combined NASA's cutting edge amino acid formula with proven herbs and naturals ingredients.

The result?

An electrifying workout blend that'll help anyone:

  • Build muscle faster
  • Retain Muscle Easier
  • And recover much faster. 

Oh!mino optimizes your body so you can breakthrough to the next level.  

And maximize the results of every workout. 

I truly believe Oh!mino is the future of workout nutrition. 

And once you get your hands on it, you'll feel the same too!


Stay fit my friends,


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