Final Friday Favorite Five; March '21

Final Friday Favorite Five; March '21

Good Day and welcome to Final Friday Favorites....March '21's edition.

Each month, our founder looks at Oh!mino facebook posts (both from us and our users) and picks his favorites.
So here are March's Final Friday Favorite Five: 

5. Moving Oh!mino
This is a stop motion of Oh!mino shot by my friends Daffnee and Mike from Orlando Florida.
I have no idea how long this took to make, but it just makes me happy!
4. Dude looks like a lady
This one is hard to forget! Look at it again, then close your eyes....still see the picture in your brain? Sorry!
The whole myth that women who workout turnout manly is wrong in so many ways.  We even have content on this subject on our website. Here's the link®
3. Did you know?
One thing we have found out about Oh!mino users....we are all nerds! but in the cool way. We love truth, science, and data that is relevant.
This infographic hit home and had our highest engagement for the month
2. The Rock
This is so me. Not that I look anything like the Rock (but it is a dream), but I need high impact music for my workouts....and I feel naked with out my headphone!
So this one hit home!
1. Have you met Jennifer?
Jennifer's instagram handle is @coloradotraildancer....she refers to herself as a trail running, snowboarding & photo taking mama. We think she is cool!
We love it when our fans take pictures with Oh!mino and post (this is a hint guys).
That's it for March....spring is here and summer is around the corner. How you coming on your summer body? 
That's it for March. Keep engaging with our posts...and keep spreading the word!

Have a great March..and mark on your calendars that the last Friday in March we will have another FINAL FRIDAY FIVE FAVORITES.

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