Monday Myth Buster #21: You Were Born Slow

Monday Myth Buster #21: You Were Born Slow

Hey friend,

I'm sure you've heard of "survival of the fittest."

Nature is kindest to the most prepared.


Well, a big part of fitness is explosivenessYour body's ability to move quickly and accurately.


Explosiveness is something we take for granted in our younger years and may fail to train as we get older.

But it's still very important.

The ability to move at the drop of a hat could save your life one day.


Now, a lot of people think that they're doomed to be slow, clunky, and uncoordinated forever.

Just because they were born with "slow twitch muscle".

They think that people who are athletic are gifted with "faster muscles".

While this may be the case, only a small percentage of the population are actually born with mostly fast-twitch muscles.


The majority of us have a 50/50 split of fast and slow-twitch muscles. Or, we even have hybrid fibers. 

So, the average athlete has worked hard to get where they're at ....  and the good news is that you can do the same!


You can increase the explosiveness of movements by doing bodyweight exercises and isometrics. Start at your own pace, and gradually speed things up.

However slow-twitch muscles are useful for endurance.

So you want to incorporate fast and slow workouts into your exercise plan.

Things like swimming and long distance running can help develop slow-twitch fibers. 


Another step to increasing explosiveness is by supplying your muscles with great nutrition.


A great start is Oh!mino. It's a proven supplement used by pro and amateur athletes. Are you running low? Pick up a bottle today!


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