Final Friday Favorites - October 2020

Final Friday Favorites - October 2020

Good Day!

Welcome to October's edition of "Final Friday Favorites."
On the final Friday of each month, we unveil our five favorite social posts, interactions, recipes, memes, get it!
Hats off to our social team,  email team and everyday folk like you that participated in October's posts.
So here are the "Final Friday's Five Favorites"

5. I call this one "Bulldog on Rings"

One of the easiest ways to get me excited is through dogs. I am always more excited to talk about your dog than anything! I'm even the geek who is a member of a Facebook page dedicated to Golden Doodles in California. So of course I am going to love a pouch in rings!

4. Cyclist in Red.

First, I love to cycle! And this cyclist is in my power color (if you have to ask, you don't know me or Oh!mino). This one was inspired a great story from Gerald. So it is has personal connection to me. Thanks for all the shout outs Gerald. We see you!

3. Rule #1. 

Great motivation! I know this doesn't translate to our community....but for our friends that need an extra little kick it works. By the way, never shame anyone, but if you haven't seen a friend where you workout at, forward this to them!

2. I go by Duff!

I love personal posts. Big thanks for the kind words. Also love the silliness of the hand stand! And Duff isn't his real name...just what his friends call him....and we are all friends here. Right?

1. Happy Halloween. 

This is one that know has seen yet. It will go out this month, and since I make the rules, I am running with it. Thank Noel for the submission. ....and by the way, Noel is on a roll....he is sending posts almost weekly (hint...hint...hint...). How did he ever talk this women into promoting us!
It's hard to believe we are entering into November and the holiday season. I hope to see some fun holiday featured posts! 
Stay Fit My Friends!
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