MythBuster Monday #12  "Vegan Diets Are Inferior"?

MythBuster Monday #12 "Vegan Diets Are Inferior"?

Now, I'm not here to start a war. (Between Meat eaters and vegans.)


I believe that everyone is different. So, you should do what works for you.

However, I'm here to end the myth that a plant-based diet is "inferior" to a meat eaters diet. 


This myth is popular because fitness "gurus" preach that vegan diets are missing essential amino acids.

These acids are:

  • lysine 
  • methionine
  • isoleucine
  • threonine
  • and tryptophan


While on the other hand, animal protein is always complete. 


However, this isn't completely true. 

You can easily fix this via supplementation. Or by combining incomplete proteins like rice and beans.

Plus, there are numerous sources of complete proteins found in a vegan diet. Like quinoa, pumpkin seeds, or hemp.

On top of that, some studies say that vegan athletes outperform athletes on a meat-eating diet.

And numerous athletes like, UFC star Nate Diaz, swear by vegan nutrition.

Again, not here to start a war. Just letting you know that building muscle on a plant-based diet is VERY possible.

But, always remember to do what's best for you.


Anyway, let's get to business:


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Unlike most vegan "supplements," Oh!mino actually contains all 9 amino acids. 



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  • Speed up recovery
  • And have a better workout performance

...EVERY time. 


It's super simple to use. And it works: Before, during, and after your workout. 


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