Monday MythBuster #11 "Gym Bros Are Jerks"?

Monday MythBuster #11 "Gym Bros Are Jerks"?

MythBuster Monday #11


Happy Monday!

Welcome to another edition of MythBuster Mondays.

Today we're addressing a myth that's commonly believed outside of the gym .

The "general population" believes that gym enthusiasts, like us, are judgmental jerks that look down on everyone who doesn't look like an olympian.

Unfortunately this belief keeps tons of would-be gym goers from ever stepping foot in the glorious house of gains.

And, as you know, this myth is a load of malarkey! 

In fact, some of the kindest, most genuine people... are the ones I've met during my 20+ in the fitness space.

I view the workout area as a safe space.

Now. I know there's a lot of stigma behind that word...but it's true!

Athletics is a place where people of all different, races, religions and backgrounds can come together to improve and learn valuable lessons.

About ourselves and the world around us.

It's full of wonderful people who are always willing to help.

(Well...aside from those monsters who don't re-rack their weights).

Truthfully, this world would be a lot better if everyone paid their dues in the "Sanctuary of Sweat".

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Stay fit my friend,


Founder & CEO





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