The Key Active Ingredients in Oh!mino Products

The Key Active Ingredients in Oh!mino Products

With an abundance of nutritional supplements on the market, there is no shortage of products that make the enormous claims about why their product will cure everything! You have likely seen sports supplements with a laundry list of ingredients where it is hard to keep up with its purpose and function — except for the few, gone are the days of simple, clean products!

When searching for a workout supplement, how do you tell the difference between products? At Oh!mino, we take the guesswork out by providing an innovative product that is transparent in both its formulation and ingredients. Learn more about the effective ingredients in Oh!mino’s products. 

The Powerful Ingredients of Oh!mino

Oh!mino is a patented essential amino acid supplement that supports the body in muscle synthesis and muscle recovery and is a clean, straightforward formulation.


This is an amino acid whose main function is to promote energy production and muscle building. It is used in nutritional supplements to improve strength during activity and muscle recovery afterward, which is the reason it is featured in Oh!mino.

Leucine is an essential amino acid in addition to a branched chain amino acid (BCAA), which means the body cannot synthesize it on its own and requires it to be ingested through food or supplements.


Lysine is another essential amino that is not produced by the body and supports muscle synthesis in skeletal muscle tissue. If you do not get enough lysine, it has been shown to stunt protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is vital in that it rebuilds muscle after a strenuous workout. When levels are balanced it rebuilds muscles and helps in the recovery.  



Another essential amino acid, threonine, supports the immune and central nervous system, thus keeping the building healthy to build muscle, recover, and help to relax the body. It is also crucial in protein balance, and without it, proteins are unable to form and function properly.


Valine is a BCAA, and its role in the body is invaluable. Valine effectively prevents muscle wasting because it helps the body and muscles by supplying to extra glucose during exercise for additional energy. It is beneficial for people who exercise because of the following:

  • It decreases muscle soreness
  • It promotes muscle growth
  • It reduces exercise fatigue



This non-essential amino acid plays an important part in your body and helps produce beneficial compounds such as tyrosine, epinephrine and norepinephrine, and dopamine. An absence or deficiency of phenylalanine contributes to a host of health issues because of how tightly integrated every molecule in the body is.   


Histidine is an essential amino acid that assists in the repair and regrowth of tissues and blood oxygenation. It is also beneficial for inflammation balance and protective to the skin. Without it can cause anemia and skin issues. It is important in muscle health because when histidine is taken up into the muscles, it is made into carnosine which supports the muscles and protects against fatigue when exercising.   



Isoleucine is a BCAA and essential to our bodies, and it assists in muscle repair and prevents proteins from breaking down during activity. Isoleucine and other BCAAs are highly advantageous for those who train at high altitudes and those exposed to extreme heat to preserve muscle and prevent muscle wasting.  


Glycine is wonderful for the entire body as it helps to build lean muscle mass while preventing muscle deterioration, it reduces inflammation and helps to prevent joint and tendon pain, and combats brain fog.


This essential amino acid is known as the “Thanksgiving amino acid” because of the sleepy, coma-like state the turkey has! It is wonderful for managing pain and discomfort, promoting healthy sleep patterns, and increasing emotional well-being.


Methionine is an essential amino acid that makes peptides and proteins in the body. It is advantageous for active people because of its effects on the bones. Research has found that when methionine is combined with endurance exercise, it enhances bone strength and promotes weight loss.   

Oh!mino has an abundance of both essential and non-essential amino acids that all play a part in exercise performance whether it’s through muscle recovery, muscle building, or muscle preserving, our product is a powerhouse for anyone who is looking for a clean and powerful sports nutrition supplement.


 To find out more about Oh!mino, reach out with your questions today!

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